Facials and Body Treatments

Signature Facial
​60 min - $85

This facial includes an exam which will then decide the precise teatment for your unique skin type. Relax and unwind as your skin in cleansed, exfoliated, mild extractions performed, if needed, treated to a massage, and custom mask! Experience the Addiction.

Refreshing Facial
30 min - $45

​On the run, but need a quick refreshening? This one is prefect for you! unwind as you are cleansed, exfoliated, and  moisturized!!

45 min - $55

A facial for just his needs! take a breather while your skin in cleaned, exfoliated, and rejuvenated!

60 min - $90

​This facial is perfect for skin prone to breakouts or to clear any current breakout. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, impurities extracted, given an oil controlling mask, and soothed!

​PCA Peel
45-75 min - $75-100
Series of 4 - $250

PCA products are used to remove the excess corneum layers and dead tissues on the skin. This aids in De‐congesting pores, evening skin tone, reducing wrinkles and fine  lines, and helps to normalize impure skins. After treatment, the skin is soft,smooth and supple, and the pores are refined and tightened. Can be used on any skin type and works great for descarification.

​Aloe Vera Peel
​60 min - $75
Series of 4 - $250

Contains an active blend of naturally effective, botanically based Lactic and Malic Acid, from fruit sources. Non‐irritating, it features an Aloe Vera base. The creamy formulation gently micro‐exfoliates the skin and rebalances moisture loss. It has the ability to penetrate the upper layer of the skin to remove dead skin cells and stimulate new skin cell growth.​

Spoil your back with a cleansing exfoliation treatment!! You are first prepped with a refreshing cleanse and exfoliation then invigorated with a light massage and topped with a moisture sealing cream!!

Back Acne Treatment​
55 min - $75

Your back is cleansed, exfoliated, impurities removed and spot treated, and soothed with an acne mask!

Back Cleanse
40 min - $60
Detox Wrap
​60 min - $55
series of 6- $300

Lose inches and Detox with a contouring Wrap! Your body is manually exfoliated, then rubbed with our inch loss cream, and wrapped. Fall asleep as you are then surrounded by blankets for 45 min. For best results a series of 6 is ideal $250 and the home care kit. Before hand avoid caffeine. Afterwards drink plenty water!

Signature Wrap
75 min - $85

Toxins build in our bodies leaving us tired and our skin dull. This wrap will accelerate and release stored toxins and condition your skin! You will be manually exfoliated with sea salt and a peeling agent, brushed with a our mud, then wrapped and left to relax and detox for 30 minutes!!  This service ends with a hydrating body moisture application for smooth, silky skin!

Relax and be spoiled with this full body treatment of seaweed and spirulina. Highly detoxifying the special blend activates resistant cellulite spots and promotes lymphatic drainage. Series of 4 is recommended, as well as, the at home care kit.

​Body Slimming Treatment
​60 min - $85
Hand Rejuvenation
​45 min- $55

Hands looking aged? This service includes a hand and forearm cleanse,  peel, and deep hydration!! A series of them produce the best results! Packages available!

$40 if you add to any service
Sea Salt Scrub
40 min- $55

Skin looking dull and lifeless? This invigorating treatment begins with a sea salt scrub down and ends with a deep hydrating lotion to give your freshly revealed skin a boost of moisture!

30 min- $30


Don't allow the harmful rays of tanning prematurely age your you! Our Norvell Certified technichians will give you a flawless glow lasting 7-10 days.

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